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Welcome to the Vortex Network Store!
 A 55% OFF SALE is currently active!
(Ends on the 26th of July 2020)

 Monthly Dropparties are held whenever we hit our Monthly Goal for the month!
More info on our Discord: dea4823eca4afd234465735ab35f07d165e599be.png

 Please note that all purchases a final and no refunds will be given under any
circumstance! You may view our Terms and Conditions.
Please also do take note, player names are Case Sensitive!

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 Please make sure that you have sufficient Inventory Space when purchasing
items as they will not be refunded to you if lost!

Monthly Goal

14 / 175 USD (8%)

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Purchased Packages
  • NovaDragonYT • 18th Sep 22
    Rare Contraband • 14.98 USD
  • Fraizers • 29th Jul 22
    Hero Rank • 24.99 USD
  • PotatoSand • 17th Jul 22
    Blue Colour (&9) • 0.00 USD
  • luison322 • 17th Jul 22
    Vortex+ Crystal • 14.57 USD
  • Darkrai_ • 17th Jul 22
    Vortex+ Rank Crystal • 0.00 USD